RenewAire for Your Home

Safeguarding Life's Greatest Investments
Nothing is more important than the health of family and home.

RenewAire's advanced ventilation products are based upon a simple principal - bring equal amounts of healther, fresh air into your home while exhausting the same amount out, and do this in the best energy-efficient manner as possible. Unlike ordinary residential ventilation systems, RenewAire handles both exhaust and fresh airstreams while also moderating humidity and temperature extremes during summer as well as winter.

This results in the very efficient delivery of fresh air while exhausting unhealthy stale air, including odors, excess carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and other harmful gaseous pollutants, regardless of the time of year or where you live.

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RenewAire for Commercial Projects

RenewAire is The "V" in HVAC

For decades, the "V" in HVAC has taken a back seat to heating and air conditioning in perceived importance. But in recent years, sick buildings, a greater understanding of the role of ventilation to worker productivity, plus government regulations regarding indoor air quality (IAQ) - as well as continuously increasing load requirements - have made fresh air ventilation a major factor in the design and refitting of commercial installations.

For nearly three decades, RenewAire has pioneered the use of air-to-air plate exchangers that transfer both heat and water vapor throughout North and South America. Today, RenewAire is one of North America's largest seller of Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) technology, and has been the leading provider of high-efficiency static plate ERV systems in the U.S. for over 20 years. With more than 160,000 units currently in operation - and growing - RenewAire is the ERV system preferred by leading HVAC professionals worldwide for a multitude of reasons.

The Best Ventilation Choice For Your Home

Whether you have a new home under construction or an existing home needing a ventilation upgrade, RenewAire offers you the best ventilation choice. RenewAire provides powerful, quiet blowers in both it’s ventilation fans and energy recovery ventilators so you can enjoy ample air exchange without the objectionable noise associated with lower quality products. RenewAire ventilation fans are the most efficient line available in North America. And if you want the best “whole house” approach to efficient and effective ventilation, RenewAire ERVs makes your choice simple.

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